I know an Oscar winner!

Hey -- I know an Oscar winner!

Big CONGRATS to John Canemaker for winning the Oscar for Animated Short Film! I was hoping his captivating and emotional THE MOON AND THE SON would win because of the years it took for him to finally get it made, as well the personal journey he took to get this subject out in the open. It's a brave film. This is a well-deserved win. I met John in Ottawa and had the best time talking with him, rambling on about various subjects such as blogs, books, and his film. I was a little nervous about meeting him because of the massive backlog of animation history and knowledge stored up in his head, not to mention the multitudes of books he's written on the subject. I was so worried that I was going to slip up on some bit of info and then he'd correct me with a resounding "No, you're wrong silly animator boy," but no -- he was gracious, honest, open and so easy to talk to. So, my sincerest wishes to John and his family on winning this Oscar. You deserve it!

You know, I've been in contact with Canemaker several times since Ottawa, and I'm working on trying to get him down here to Atlanta to do a lecture/workshop about his career, his film, his books. It would be a joint venture with ASIFA-Atlanta and Image Film & Video -- we're hoping that John will be available later on this year. *Crossing fingers.*


And speaking of ASIFA-Atlanta and Image, don't forget that we have the first ever Animation Film Slam, 7:30 tonight at The Earl in East Atlanta, off of Flat Shoals Road. I promise that we won't be too harsh on the filmmakers. I'll be one of the judges (along with Turner's Joe Peery and fellow Primate Jeff Fastner), and we plan on offering constructive criticism for anyone who asks for it. We promise it'll be a fun evening. Come on down!


  1. Joe Peery as a judge?!!??

    Tell that gimped up old man to find a better use for his numbered days. I stopped listening to his advice when he misnumbered those Hong Kong Fooey key frames back in 1997.
    the nerve of that guy...

    What did Clay Croker back out?

  2. Woohoo! Canemaker in ATlanta would be a treat! Heck, I would even try to come into town for that. Or the two of you could just come down here to speak once he's finished there...

  3. and now I KNOW someone who knows an oscar winner. the world is now opening up for me in ways I thought not possible.

    (it was exciting watching this with you sunday night, love).

  4. I was wondering what that winning short was all about. I'd love to see it. Congrats to him...and congrats to you for snagging his attention. I don't think you should be nervous to talk to him at all. Your work could be award winning.

  5. Canemakers short was absolutely the best of the bunch. Really heartfelt and well put together.

    Neat story Ward!

  6. This photo is a masterpiece. The photographer must have been a genius...

  7. Ha! That's right, Roque! I completely forgot to give you credit for taking this shot! I've now updated the post. Super thanks for being there when I needed ya, buddy!

  8. Oh dang. I didn't need the credit... but, I'll take it! (Just change "illustrious" to "jerky"...)