There are many bloggers out there who do that 100 Things meme, where they list 100 things about them that the reader didn't know (and in some cases probably didn't want to know). I'm not going to go that far. Some people are very good at it, and can make it actually interesting to read. Me, on the other hand, not so sure. So, I'll approach this a little differently. I'm going to list a couple of things that may or may not interest you, may or may not bore you. If you'd like to know more about any of the items listed, let me know and I'll go into more detail on said item in a future post. (This is just to pass the time while I continue to work on my Ottawa installments. Procrastinating, is more like it.) Here goes:

1. I had no cavities until my mid-20's, even though I would eat sugar (and powdered sugar) by the spoonful when I was a kid.

2. I used to wear hard contact lenses when I was in sixth grade. Not fun to put in, believe me.

3. I have a younger sister. She and I are polar opposites when it comes to personalities and interests, but somehow we make it work. She blogs, too.

4. I've broken only one bone in my entire body: my collarbone. You know you can't set that bone correctly? Ever?

5. Andre 3000 once held Ezra up in his arms, while he was fussy in a bookstore.

6. I have a cousin who also blogs. He's written books on LotusScript, Lotus Notes, and Domino. He's a genius, I'm told.

7. I swear, if I had the chance, I would drink my weight in Coca-Cola. In one sitting.

8. I ran a marathon once. I didn't finish it. I was 14 at the time.

9. Throughout my 36 years here on earth, I've witnessed three births and one death. All family members.

10. While throwing papers at 4am, I was shot at by a man in a small truck with a .22 caliber pistol.

11. I love McDonald's Egg McMuffins. I like to wait to have my favorite fast food breakfast item on Friday morning, as if it's some sort of prize for making it to the end of the week, or something. "I'll have the No. 1 with a Coke. And a cinnamon roll."

12. I am the worst procrastinator and will get easily side-tracked, even if I'm right in the middle of sentence while talking wi

13. Back in the day, I still would order just vanilla at Baskin Robbin's 31 Flavors ice cream shop. Too many choices! Too much pressure!

14. I once was called "that little white dude" on air, by Charles Barkley.

15. In college, I drew a weekly comic strip titled, "Urban Diary," for the school paper. It lasted only about 8 strips.

16. My first real crush was Lori Boatright, grade 5. Because I knew that she would never give me the time of day, I drew a picture of us amongst an ocean and a beautiful sunset. I was so dorky.

17. I love the smell of cut grass. It reminds me of my childhood.

18. I never attended middle school. We went straight from elementary school (1st through 7th grade) to high school (8th through 12th). Talk about being dropped into the belly of the beast. Eighth grade was a very trying year for me, considering that I was your classic, grade-A GEEK. (And did you know that the 8th grade was considered "Sub-Freshman?" Upper-classmen loathed us and called us "subbies," in a derogatory way. But we loved that term and used it to our advantage. I don't know how, but we did.)

19. Because I was a big Prince fan, our whole family went to go see PURPLE RAIN when it came out the summer of '84. Yes, I know it was rated R. During that big love scene, if you happened to have looked over at me in the theater, you would've found me slowly sinking down, down, down into my seat out of embarrassment.

20. I've always felt years younger than I really am.


  1. This is your greatest post ever. I don't really think of these things as "Fun Facts about Ward" as much as I do "Ammo to use against Ward" ;)
    Actually I really enjoyed reading these little facets of your life. Will they be included in your memoir?

  2. Jeez. This is why yours might well be the greatest blog ever, Ward. At the very least, the greatest animation blog ever. ;-)Thanks for the insights - you're one of the "people (who) are very good at it", imho. And dude - I've got five years on you and always feel years younger... until that pretty young lady behind the counter calls me "sir". :-(

  3. Great post Ward.

    The one thing that really surprised me was that you were shot at. If it's not a trouble, I would love to hear the story behind this. I hope the guy was caught. I wonder if he is a crazy drunk or something. Who knew throwing papers could lead to danger?

  4. ...Whoa...I can't believe you were shot at either. That's crazy. I'm assuming by the context of your description that you were in a car? I'd love to hear the story behind this, too. By the way, I only order vanilla ice cream, too! It's pure, simple, and tastes the best. Everyone else thinks I'm so boring for it.

    I'm going to miss having two weeks off to read your and Andrea's blog!

  5. no cavities? shot at? loved reading yours and andreas "things" posts! fun!

  6. Ottawa installments? You mean we have to keep writing about that? We can't just post about the first day and then never finish? Dang...

    Nice post, Wardy. Lori Boatright would be jealous.

  7. I am also a huge Prince fan, but even I know not to watch Purple Rain. It's pretty bad. I do love Dave Chapell's impersonation of Prince, as told by Charlie Murphy. Hilarious.

  8. Would love to read Amy's Blog..What's her blogsite....

  9. So great! I can just see you drawing that beautiful sunset picture. And I never knew you hadnt gone to a "middle/jr high school." How crazy going from walking past 6 year olds in the hall to seniors! very fun!

  10. Nice list of 'memory prints' you have here! SOme of them are nice, some a bit too gruesome to mention but overall, I'm glead you are still here to tell such significant peaks in life!

    - Glen!

  11. No worries mate!You make for an interesting read. ;)

  12. You're 36!?!? Really?

    I've never had a cavity (knock on wood) and I eat sweets like crazy...


  13. too funny.
    too classic.

    and u are 3 years older than me man.

  14. Charles Barkley, eh? Intriguing. Please, do tell us more....

  15. Out of the 20, I knew at least 16 or 17. I'm a GENIUS! Or I'm you. Or I'm your sistah!! :P

    Funny how most of that stuff didn't seem so unique while we were growing up, y'know? I can't believe you didn't mention the "plain cheeseburger" -- something that I am sure Dad still has nightmares about. Of course, it is something I would have pointed out, considering the fact that my son is the eater of "plain hamburgers" -- oy and vey!

    I am a little mystified over your comment that we are "polar opposites" when it comes to our interests. When we were young? Definitely. But now? I think if we compared notes, you would be surprised how much we have in common -- in fact, it would probably freak you out ;)

    huggles and smoochies,
    ~your sis

  16. Actually, you're right about the interests, dear sis. Strike that in the post, and you got yourself a deal.

    Growing up, we definitely butted heads when it came to a number of things, but we always had (and have) certain things that we can connect with which is always comforting.

  17. Ahh, but watching Ward and Amy (and our other cousin, Heather, that used to hang out with us) go at it (and grow up) was awesome.

    I love you guys. We need to get together soon! (Including you, Amy, next time you're in town)

    --Your uber-geeky cousin Rock
    ( http://www.LotusGeek.com )

  18. A bit late for this comment but I had a crush on Lori Boatright in 5th grade too and I remember you Ward and Spencer (although his name eludes me)