I don't know about you, but Andrea and I are riveted by what's happening in New Orleans right now. Although it's a relief to see some troop activity finally, it's sad and terrible to see what the city has been reduced to. Truly sad.

New Orleans holds a very special place in our heart, as Andrea and I spent most of our honeymoon there, 11 years ago. In fact, to the day, September 3rd. Yes, yesterday was our anniversary. But it's been difficult to be celebratory about our union when there's so much devestation and struggle happening in one of the most unique and fascinating cities in America. Both Andrea and I have been meaning to share with you all some images that we've taken in the Big Easy, but we'll wait until things look better, out of respect. We've returned several times since 1994, the most recent being last year, when we celebrated our 10 year anniversary there -- which was quite a story in of itself, and worth sharing. But all in due time.

In the meantime, Andrea wrote a very moving post on hula seventy about the situation there. Definitely worth a read.


  1. Here I was logging on to wish you and Andrea a happy Anniversary ... and I was greeted with a little reality check.
    I know you guys love that place. I've thought of you two alot when I've been watching the horrific footage. I wondered if you recognized places. I wondered if your memories were watered ... muddied ... dirtied with the unpleasantness ... mired with the politics ...
    But I know you. I know Andrea. I knew that your reaction would be a little more compassionate. I knew your reaction would be filled with tears and determination.
    Happy Anniversary to you, Ward. You are my oldest and dearest friend with whom I share a full and storied past. I was there with you that day. I watched your eyes. I watched hers. I knew your love was real. I knew that nothing would stand in the way of it.
    Now I remember that day ... I remember the two of you ... I remember that you spent many a special moment in New Orleans. I've seen the pictures. I've seen the smiles.
    I love you guys.
    I believe that finally the nation is stepping in the way they should have days ago. Your precious town is finally getting the attention it has deserved ... needed ... been desparate for.
    Nothing can stand in the way of your anniversary being a special day. Nothing can ever take away those memories ... those moments ... those snapshots in your mind.
    You two are special.
    Thank you for sharing your life with me. Still. After all these years.

  2. Happy Anniversary to the two of you!

    Be thankful that you're both together and were able to see New Orleans before the hurricane and devastation.

    Neither my wife or I have ever been there and always wanted to go, so take heart that you two have have experienced the magic that New Orleans and its people have to offer.

  3. i read andrea's touching story, and it sounds like it is such a special place for you guys. it is good to see finally some things happening there, but still so so sad. happy anniversary and i look forward to seeing those pictures in due time.

  4. I'm really sorry to hear about your beloved honeymoon place; I know how you feel about this and I myself was completely shocked by this inevitable disaster. But I can't imagine the catastrophic effects done during the post-Katrina events: the entire state is flooded, survivors are stuck within the domes for a week, some start looting and shooting each other (this is terrible, considering that they have become desperate), to name a few. Give my prayers to the people of New Orleans that they would start a new life and turn over a new leaf.

    Anyway, congrats on your 11th anniversary! Wish you and Andrea luck in a few years to come

    - Glen!

  5. Lane, thank you very much for your wonderful words. I cannot tell you how much Andrea and I fully appreciate your kind comments on both our blogs regarding our anniversary. It was a wonderful day, and I could not have had it any other way without you there next to me. Thanks for that. You are a treasure, man. Thank you.

    And thank you Chad, Jan and Glen for your wonderful comments as well. Andrea and I had a great anniversary, and it was great to come home later on that night to see some very nice words by dear internet friends. Funny how we've all never met but somehow feel so close to you all. You guys are great!