Jim Flora For Sale

How did I miss this one? I simply LOVE Jim Flora. His work encapsulated the wit and whimsy of jazz, his syncopated imagery gracing many an album cover during the 40's and 50's. He eventually went on to illustrate for children's books and even got on a ship and oceanliner jag, but during his later years (during the 1980's and 90's - he died in 1998) he found himself coming back to that same illustrated wildstyle that was evident in his earlier works, with a nice twist.

His son, Joel (an artist as well), has set up a site where the public can buy these wonderfully delightful later paintings, most of which no one outside of family has ever seen. This is quite a sight/site to see. I highly recommend checking it out. I just wish that I had enough money to purchase one of these fun and colorful paintings, but ah - you know how that goes.

Already with a site filled with Flora's Columbia heyday work, along with a book by Irwin Chusid filled with the same and more, it's nice to see this once overlooked and underappreciated artist get noticed finally.


  1. These are some great links! I really dig Jim Flora's stuff too... though I didn't (until now) know that much about him. Thanks!

  2. Fantastic - amazing artwork so full of life and movement! Thanks for pointing us to the book/site.

  3. Gorgeous stuff! The whole retro thing is a big inspiration to my own books...in case you are interested you can see a bit at:

    The design and the integrity of these old illustrations is incredible. the don't make 'em like they used to...