And the Winner Is...

It's here!

#159: H. A. Weaselton

CONGRATULATIONS, H. A.! You win a signed copy of my new children's book How To Train With a T. Rex And Win 8 Gold Medals, as well as a 5x7 print of your choosing from The Ward-O-Matic Shop. Take a look around, see what you like. Choose wisely, my friend.

THANK YOU ALL for participating in this book giveaway, guys. Wish I could give a copy to each and every one of you all who commented here. I had a lot of fun working on the book—it's a great pleasure for me to finally share it with everyone out there. Be sure to come back to check out some work-in-progress stuff I did for the book, like rough sketches and drawings. I think you'll find it interesting. At least, I hope.


Coming up: I'm very excited about this one post I've been working on, featuring an interview with the son of an influential illustrator from the 50's - 70's. Stay tuned!


  1. hahah! Great stuff Ward! Congrats on the book! I really liked yer contribution for Terrible Yellow eyes! Nice work my friend.

  2. oh yay.....the book!!! this is so terrific, congratulations!!!

  3. Ward: YAY!!

    I've ordered my book from Amazon... you know what datta means mon!

  4. Hi Ward!
    Sorry to say it's been a while since i've visited... but WOW! Congratulations on the book! omg you have got to be thrilled out of your mind!!!
    It looks awesome! Good for you!

  5. A long-time fan/lurker coming out to say congrats on the book. I'll be buying my nephews and nieces this for X-mas...:)

    It looks great! But of course it does. You drew it.