Ava Thursday: Canada Forever

Ava Thursday: Canada Forever
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That's what Ava wanted me to call this drawing: "Canada Forever." Could I be raising a potential canuck?

Of course you all know that I just got back from Ottawa, Canada, this past Monday, and whenever I come back, I always grab some goodies and what-not for the kiddos. And the kids, they love the stickers. Can't go wrong with the stickers. This is what Ava did with her batch (Ezra put his stickers all over Mommy's face, tee hee!)—she converted her Canadian stickers into flags.

At the very bottom there, you can see a tiny girl dreaming of the entire scene. And just above is another girl with pigtails dreaming of Ava standing underneath one of the flags. I swear, I don't know where she comes up with this stuff. She just amazes me daily.

Side note: I want to say that I'm thrilled to see that every single one of you whom I met in Ottawa love Ava Thursday. Since the comments have subsided on my blog in general, it's hard for me to know exactly what people are digging or not. So to be able to talk face to face with some of my readers is a big thrill for me and an even bigger thrill to know that Ava Thursday is everybody's favorite! I couldn't wait to tell Ava this once I got home, and when I did, she smiled the biggest smile I've seen. It was beautiful. Thank you all for checking out my talented daughter's artwork on a weekly basis. Both she and I thank you.


  1. That little girl of yours is pretty imaginative.
    very cool.

    When it comes to Canada,
    I always go for the Coffee Crisp candy bars from Nestle (only available in Canada), and the Tim Horton's coffee and donuts.

    Did you know that in Canada, Smarties are a different candy that look more like M&M's and what we know as Smarties in the US are called "Rockets" in Canada?
    Even the Oreos are slightly different.

    I'm all about junk food from other countries.

  2. Well Ava is amazing, so I'm not surprised. Great little drawing there...I love the flags made from stickers! Hope you and the fam are doing great in that new house of yours. And thanks for the Betty Boop feedback...I really appreciate it. My client keeps mentioning looking at Basquiat and Outsider artists, and I think of your style when I flip through all of Basquiat's work.

  3. Amusing art! We'll have to send her a hockey stick!

  4. Who wouldn't love Canada? Great flag. Great national anthem. And any country that can consistently make a serious run at Olympic gold in curling is good in my book.

    Your daughter no doubt got the creative genes from you two.

    - Tripper

  5. very creative! and yes ava thursday is wonderful! bet she was completely stoked to hear how everyone loves it. glad you had a safe trip back.

  6. did you see this?


  7. how cute to see a canadian themed drawing from Ava!