Poncho hair

I work close enough to home that I'm able to eat lunch with Andrea practically everyday. It's a much-needed break from the harsh deadlines and assistant interferring that ensues throughout the rest of my day.

Yesterday we had to swing by Ava's school because I had forgotten to put her milk money in her lunchbox. Andrea and I knew that they would allow Ava to get a milk anyway and to put it on her "tab", but it gave us an excuse to see Ava at school, see how she's doing and see her interact with her friends.

When we pulled up to the school, all the kids were outside for recess. Apparently, since the school is going through some renovations -- including the playground area -- recess right now is basically all the kids hanging out in front of the school, running around and chasing one another with no elaborate jungle gym to climb on, fall off of -- no big objects to play on or hide behind (a few trees, maybe). Just a big bunch of kids running around left to their own devices. The teachers are watching all this mayhem, of course, but it's quite a peculiar scene if you don't know the backstory.

We sat there briefly to watch the loud and wild scene. I tried to locate Ava but couldn't find her. "Where is our girl?" "I don't know... you don't see her?" "No."

Just then, Andrea caught a glimpse of magenta flying through the little people. "There she is," Andrea said with a chuckle. I looked and saw a bright red shape moving about the crowd, arms stretched out wide, like an airplane. It was Ava and she had her magenta poncho covering her head, with only her bright little eyes peeking out through the hole. This was her "hair," she told Andrea. She had pulled her sleeves down to where she covered up her hands, which were firmly gripping the sleeves tight. This is what she looked like:

When Andrea walked up to her, Ava jumped up into her arms and gave mommy a big ol' hug, never taking the poncho off her head. When she had enough of mommy-love, she immediately got back down and instantly took off, tassled poncho hair madly blowing in the wind.

Ah, to be a kid again and not worry about social graces or being "normal." I was only a little concerned about Ava's social interaction with other kids before yesterday, but now I'm terrified.

Honestly, I do kinda like the idea of grabbing a poncho and putting it on my head all day at work. I really don't think anyone would notice.


  1. Ha ha, Great story made me smile Ward. Fantastic pictures too! Man, I can't wait for this kinda "weirdness". Very funny. My boy, now just one, is only starting to exhibit bazaar behavior. I enjoy every moment.



  2. I've seen you with a poncho on your head ... it's not pretty.

    What a wonderful thing to get to see! I know my Ava does and says all sorts of things at school that never get to see and hear. When I get to pick her up after school on certain days, sometimes I stay off to the side and watch ... checking her out. Seeing how she plays with the other kids. It's amazing to get to see ... it's a whole other social side to my little girl that is wonderful.

  3. (belly laughing) that is really really a cute story. (and well told). i'm still feeling a little worried about noah's behavior today at preschool, but this story helps me realize we parents all think the same.

  4. Damn, you draw well.

    I realize that's the most blah kind of comment, but still.

  5. Sweet artwork of Ava in a peculiar outfit. It seems that she comes off straight from a children's book or an animated feature in progress and she just looks absolutely cute here!

    - Glen

  6. Haha! That story made me laugh for sure.

    When my wife was student teaching and I'd occassionaly pop into the schools to help out, the kids all crowded around and wanted me to come and play with them at rececss.

    Man, they did such funny things, Clothes on the wrong way, funny games, amusing expressions. I always had something to laugh at.

  7. Kids are pretty crazy at times, and most exhibit bizarre behavior, but that's why we love them so. I'm kinda glad Ava's like this, as she then sticks out from the maddening crowd. Just doing her own thang. I like that.

    Thanks for the nice comments on my drawings, guys! And your comment wasn't at all blah, jg. Me liked it.

  8. oh that girl. such a funny moment. I love her.

  9. oh my goodness! so cute--and I love the line about "worrying about her social awkwardness" or something to that affect. dont we all? i love to peek in on Luxie in the classroom at church. many times she has her dress hiked up walking around flashing her underwear...:O they are their own little beings arent they?

  10. That is the cutest thing...I feel like grabbing a poncho on meself too,who cares what the world thinks...Your lil Ava is setting a trend here.

  11. I think you should put the poncho your head! Great story! I have two kids Fin (6) and Eve (3). It's like having Calvin and Hobbs come to life! It makes you feel young and old at the same time! Now where did I leave that poncho!