Ava Thursday: At the farm

Ava drew this last Sunday while at the Buckhead Barn, this horse farm right in the middle of the suburbs of Atlanta. They have a polo club, too. We were there for this fall gathering for my mom's company, where they invite the whole family to come down to have loads of fun and eat loads of food.

There were horse rides, hayrides, games and all sorts of arts & crafts for the kiddos. Ava got to ride on a horse for the very first time (she'd ridden a pony a few years back), and she was so excited -- although you would've never known it, because of her quiet nature. She's funny like that.

So, in the drawing here, that's Ava painting a horseshoe (it was part of the arts & crafts), with Ezra riding a horse -- however, I can attest to the fact that he never got on one. I think. That's Ava's friend Stella, at the bottom of the page there. Not sure who that is over on the left in the chair. I'll have to check with the artist and get back to you on that.

A fun drawing that perfectly documents all the fun we had on that great autumn day!

(As always, you can click on the image to view it in my Flickr, whereupon you can click "All Sizes" to view it larger.)


  1. she was stoic and so serious up on that horse... it was a big moment for her! interesting how she drew ezra up on the horse and not herself. I love how she has drawn herself drawing...

  2. love ava's horse - WOW! and that chair! - can i have a chair like that - in chocolate brown just like that please!? looks like so much fun!