Blog in the family

You are all well aware that my beautiful and talented wife has a blog, hula seventy. And I've mentioned a while back that my sister-in-law also has a blog, Lulu's World (she's married to Andrea's brother, Nate). Now, in my Things post, I spilled the beans that there were two other family members who blog:

My sister, Amy, is big Alias and Lost fan, thus she's spawned The Evil Puppet Masters, a Bad Robot newsblog. Bad Robot being JJ Abrams' production company. Yes, the same JJ Abrams who created Alias and Lost and who is currently directing MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3. To prove just how much of a fan she really was of the shows, she decided to start up an official fansite for Bryan Burk, executive vice-president of Bad Robot, and executive producer for Lost. Yeah, I know all this sounds so geeky, but geekiness runs in the family, I'm afraid. Amy has become quite the devoted fan who happens to have connections. (Don't believe me? Just click here.) Amy tells me that there are many people out there who would love to be her friend. I'm sure that's no lie.

Lotus Geek is the perfectly titled blog started up by my cousin Rocky. The blog is devoted to anything remotely associated with Lotus Software, but Rocky somehow manages to include snippets of his hectic life in there to soften the blow. Like I mentioned earlier, he's written books on Lotus, like this one and this one. It doesn't surprise me that Rocky would be so completely immersed with computers. Back in high school, he was a member of the Computer Club, of which he tried to convince me to be a part of. I did try my best to get involved, but I wasn't digging all the code you had to put in just to make little square dots look like snow falling for a computerized snow scene. It was crazy. I was outta there.

So, uh... yeah, I wasn't kidding about the high geek factor in my family, was I? The cool thing about Amy and Rocky is they both know that they are geeks. They've come to terms with their geekiness, and now fully embrace it.

And I'm right there along with them.


  1. wish i had more geeky relatives!

  2. thanks for the mention Ward! Now I must run to my blog and post about something highly intelligent, visually stunning, and full of witty remarks...

  3. Geeks! You're all GEEKS! Just kidding. I think it's about time that Ava and Ezra get their own blogs too!

  4. Not to mention that your dad started working in computer hardware in 1962, and developing software in 1975. It was really cool the first day we got the Internet on our computers in the office. I became the first webmaster in my department. The geeks don't fall far from the tree.

  5. You're so old, Dad! Just kidding. Say, when was that when you first got the internet at your office?

    And I was going to mention that it's funny how it's pretty much on the Jenkins' side where the geeks roam free.

    James: what makes you think that they don't already? Hee hee....(they don't)!

  6. True about the geeks in our family - maybe Jenkins should be changed to "Geekins"

    Think about it: You, me, Amy, Joe (Ward's dad) and Farley - all geeks. My mom (Joe and Farley's sis) is a math/accounting wiz.

    I guess we get it honestly!

    Oh, and thanks so much for the kind words - not sure about the "genius" label, but thanks anyway ;)