This is weird

What a stange world this is -- the early morning. It's so quiet and relaxing here at work right now. Nobody around to bother me. No assistants to interrupt my flow by asking me to check out a penciltest. No producers. No calls. Nothing. Just me and my animation disc.

I'm not a morning person. I'm supposed to be at work by 9, but I usually get in around 9:30 or later. So, you can imagine my horror to learn that Ava had a doctor's appointment today at 7am. That's A.M. In the MORNING. If you know Atlanta traffic, you know that you can't get anywhere without it taking 45 minutes or so to get there. That meant for us, as a family (the Jenkins clan are not morning people -- Ava's been known to sleep until 9:30), that we had to leave the house by 6:15 this morning! Egads. That meant that we had to get up around 5:15. Good gracious. This could only end in tears.

This is the second go at this, by the way. The first time, I slept right through that early alarm. Never heard it. Andrea was livid when she woke up at 9 to find me still zonked out in bed.

So, this time, I called in the Big Gun: my mom. She gets in at work by 6 or 6:30 (sicko!), so I knew that I could rely on her to give us a wake-up call this morning. And it worked! She called me at 5:30 and set the whole waking machine in motion. Everything went smoothly, without a hitch. I could not believe it. I thought, surely something will keep us from reaching the doctor's office by 7 -- for me to be on time, well that's just crazy talk. It's not part of God's plan for Ward Jenkins to be on time. Especially not for an early morning doctor's appointment. No way.

But we made it to the office by 6:45. We were EARLY! I'm piddling me chair as I write this, I'm so happy.

Afterwards, we had breakfast and then I was able to get into work early. Double takes were made by several co-workers upon my entrance. Yes, it's crazy -- Ward is early. Sorry to throw off the whole time-space continuum, but it was bound to happen, my friends.

And now I've got so much time to myself here at work, I don't know what to do. I'm really digging it, though. I can see why people do this: to get things done. To have moments to yourself before the onslaught of the day. To relax and finally focus on things. To draw. To blog.

This is weird, but I like it.


  1. I find it works easier for me to just stay up wayyyyy after everyone else goes to bed!

  2. That's what I do now! Andrea and I both are night owls. But staying up late ends up being counter-productive when I have to get up and go in to work each morning.

  3. I hear ya Ward! I'm a nightowl myself! I'm currently doing the Animation Mentor program and usually up until the wee hours of the morning working with that. Although I try to get in to work early (I'm an animator with CMT in Nashville), I usually don't arrive until 10 or later. Granted, I stay later as well to make up for it but then I don't get home until late which means I'm up late...again. It's a vicious cycle but one that I'm slowly getting aclimated to. Anyway, glad to know that things actually can happen before 10am. I should try it sometime. LOL

  4. It's for that very reason that I like to get to work early. There is no one here and there are no distractions. I usually have more focus in the AM too... early afternoon is when the "ADD" kicks in and I'm running towards anything shiny.

  5. I don't think I've laughed this hard in a long time! But you're right - it does mess up the time space continum somehow. Something ain't right when Ward's on time. But now you see why I get out early. It's MY time! No one here to bother me. Love it. Try it again sometime, hon, I think you'll grow to like it! And Jared, I laughed my fool head off about you running towards anything shiny in the afternoon. (The only other time Ward was early was when he was born - 3 days early).

  6. oooooooohhhhhhhhh boy i could not possibly relate more to you if i tried. i am a night owl all the way and sadly i have slept through many alarms in my time. i love mornings and like you are saying when you are able to get up and going it's so good to be early and have that extra time. but it's the waking up part that KILLS, no matter how early i go to bed i still hate waking up. and late night solitude is nice too. but why is that it's frowned upon because you are getting less sleep but if you get up early (and still get less sleep) it's considered so much more responsible?

  7. personally ... I would like some confirmation from co-workers ... be it photographs or video captured from remote cameras or security personel or drunks you had to step over ...
    sure ... it makes for a funny story and got your mom tickled, but really ...
    We'll all expect some sort of visual/verbal PROOF! Post it ... and we'll believe it. Show us.

    I love shiny stuff ... all day long.

  8. Too. Frickin'. Funny!

    *rubs hands eviley (yes, that's a word!) in anticipation of my precious niece starting school*

    MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Unless you guys are homeschoolin' I'm thinking y'all will have to get your booties back to a "school schedule" or your little 'uns will be getting in mucho trouble for being late. Every. Single. Day ;)

    And as a testament to WARD's lateness -- I had one quarter in high school when I was absent 14 days from 1st period and 15 days from 2nd period. Guess who was in charge of driving me to school. HUH!!

    Aw, you know I love you, but I believe I will have to copy and paste this entry somewhere else so others may mock you as well ;) *SMOOCH* Love you bro!

    hijinx-o-matic (the sister - but not in a parochial way)