Blog Depression

This is just too funny. I found this the other day and now I must share it with you all. The Nonist is a great blog on art, pop culture, and the usual oddity, headed up by a 'JMorrison.' If you are ever in the need for an interesting read, then The Nonist is the place to be. Anyway, just the other day was posted A Nonist Public Service Pamplet, or, "What Everyone Should Know About Blog Depression." (Some naughty words, so read at your own discretion.) Done up like a 60's-70's public service pamphlet, or 'tract,' it is a very hilarious take on blogging and the woes that it may entail. Very hilarious, yet might hit very close to home for some of you bloggers out there.

Too close for me, I'm afraid. In fact, I'll have to end this post now, so I can go and voraciously eat a box of Nilla Wafers....