Ava Thursday: 5th Birthday Party

Sorry this is late, but I could not find this drawing for the life of me. We looked everywhere, but Andrea finally found it between the wall and easel. It's been a crazy hectic day for me, so I'm sorry this'll be brief.

Ava drew this soon after her birthday party this past weekend. That's Ava with her best friend, Stella, at the foot of the table, along with other guests, all ready to dive into the cake. Well, eat some cake, not really dive into it, but you get the gist. As you know, the theme of the party was 'pink and red,' and it was a fantastic sight to behold. You should've seen the place. That's Andrea's cousin Kristy in the kitchen up there, in the left-hand corner. She was a big big help with the presents, party favors, games, and food. There's a table for the ice cream just below Kristy. Presents are found over on the right, as well as a few on the table -- along with favors, utensils and drinks for each guest.

Ava likes all the little details, haven't you noticed?


  1. looks like it was fun! details - so important!

  2. Huge number of details, but I really like the way we are seeing the different sides of the table too.

  3. love the figures that are so happy that it causes their hair to spring into large curls, the wobbly drinks with straws and the oh so important part of the party the huge giant cake placed front and center !

    As always after seeing Ava's drawings, leave here smiling.

  4. Details, details, details! Ava sure loves to put some touches and additions to her drawings, not to mention that it reminds me of an Ant Parade! (most of the characters have these strange antennaes and scaly-like features!_

    - Glen!

  5. You can just see how much thought she put into those table settings! She wasn't just drawing, she was telling a story!

  6. my favorite is the two people peeking out from behind the cake that are talking to each other. and i love the curly spring of hair. :)