Growing Toward Peace book

Growing Toward Peace: prophets
I found this book at a book market several years ago with the simple title, "Growing Toward Peace" in typical Roman letters. It's a book co-authored by Regina Tor and Eleanor Roosevelt for the United Nations and was published by Random House in 1960. Interesting book, talking mostly about all the various programs that the UN has to offer: UNICEF, UNESCO, FAO, WHO, etc. But the main reason I bought it was for the illustrations found throughout. And should I even have mention this?— there's no mention of who did them. (Although there's a slight possibility that it could be Ben Shahn.)

The illustration above was one of the strongest found in the book, of three prophets. (The subject was of peace throughout the ages.) The illustrator has a nice grasp of using simple line to convey emotion. There's a few spot illustrations that really get your attention and they're done in black and white. A second color of green is used sparingly throughout the book, but is quite effective. Here's some more from the book:

Growing Toward Peace: family
Growing Toward Peace: boy with book
Growing Toward Peace: man with sitar
Growing Toward Peace: hands
Growing Toward Peace: olive branch guy

I'm not one to vocalize my political beliefs on this blog (there's plenty who do out there anyway), but I do hope and pray for peaceful times soon. Seeing death and destruction day in and day out on CNN and other various news outlets starts to wear you down.


For the insanely curious: the Wife has posted a set of photos from our recent vacation. Check it out here. It was good trip. Good time was had by all.

Oh well. Have a great weekend! I plan on posting some of my own work up soon.


  1. Hey Ward! Jen Schiavone here...been blurking for a little while. ;)

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that the arms in that middle illustration immediately reminded me of your "Strength" illustration for Illustration Friday. cool.

    Have a good weekend.

  2. clarification: by "middle" I meant in the middle of your paragraphs...the woman hugging the child.

  3. I understood which one, Jen. (And thanks for finally commenting!) You're right—there are some similarities there. Very interesting. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

    How's life treatin' ya, these days, Jen?

  4. Things are good. I'll shoot ya an email...don't wanna take up your comment space with my ramblings. Hi to Andrea...I blurk hulaseventy too!

    (boy, I'm just full of admissions today)

  5. These illustrations are highly reminiscent of the sorts of artwork that I used to see in mainstream protestant churches back in the 1970s, particularly Lutheran.

  6. kinda reminds me of ben shahn meets eric gill

  7. Hey Man ! Cool stuff you have here ... i will fave this ... See Ya !

  8. These are really nice, Ward. I particularly love the image of the mother cradling her child as dad looks on. The hand illustration and the first illustration of the three men look like something YOU would do. Heck, they ALL look like illustrations you would have done! Love the colors, too. It's cool how your style and your taste in other art is all moving in the same direction.

    And thanks for the great comments on my blog this past weekend! I never tire of your perspective on things!

  9. That image of all the green hands is quite fine. Along with some sort of type treatment, it would make a kickass poster for ... I dunno, something.

  10. And thank you, Justin, for your comments! That goes for everyone else. I really appreciate the dialogue here.

    You're right, Jeope, that hands image looks like a poster for something.

    I believe that Regina Tor might be the illustrator for this book. I'll put a mention up in the post.

  11. I stumbled upon this post well after the fact, but would like to say for the record that Regina Tor went on to illustrate many books under the name Regina Shekerjian. It's certainly possible--even likely--that she illustrated this book.

  12. The illustrations are by Regina Shekerjian, who also went by Regina Tor. Tor was her first born son.

  13. The illustrations are by Regina Shekerjian. She also went by Regina Tor. Tor was her first born son.