Reason 4,080 why I love Pixar

I was in the bookstore the other day and I happened upon the new The Art of Cars, from Chronicle Books. Nice, solid book, filled with excellent sketches, studies, and artwork from Pixar's upcoming film. I'm already a fan of the movie.

There were a couple of things that stood out for me while thumbing through the book:

1. During the course of pre-production, they nabbed the illustrious Dave Dale, aka Big Deal, to do an in-house workshop on drawing cartoony cars. There are a couple of his examples in the book, and boy, did it bring me back to the good ol' days of reading CARtoons magazine! They went to the right guy, that's for sure.

2. There was a spread on stickers and decals for Filmore, the hippie Volkswagen bus voiced by George Carlin, and amongst the 60's-themed sayings and logos, there was one that stood out for me:

Save 2D Animation

You gotta love Pixar for that.


  1. My kids are big Putt-Putt fans, so I bet they'll like this movie. Thanks for the tip!

  2. What a clever thing to slip into a 3D movie! I love them for that.

    I'm looking forward to seeing Cars, too. I was very skeptical of it, initially. Considering the massive success of The Incredibles, it seemed Pixar was due to plateau or disappoint at any moment. However, I've read some glowing reviews!

  3. Bonus points to those who got the inside joke in the title of my post here!

  4. Record company people are shady!

    I am a fan of Pixar for this reason too.

  5. Ding! Ding! You got it, Jackie!

    Yes, it's from A Tribe Called Quest's "Check the Rhime." Classic song.