Ava Thursday: Ms. Beck's Card

Ava Thursday: Ms. Beck's card
Ava created three cards for her kindergarten teachers when they ended the school year last month. I showed you one earlier, for Ms. Williams. The one you see here was for her main teacher, Ms. Beck, a sweet, caring woman who just adored Ava. We were very happy for Ava to have such a wonderful woman for her kindergarten teacher.

Like the first card, this one also had a "cool sneak-peek" bonus: hidden behind the glued-on green feather you see here is a little drawing. I think it's of a heart, but I'm not sure. But I love the creativity that went into the excecution of these cards. Ava had a great time making them.

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  1. This card is adorable!! Children's arts is always full of joy and sincerity!

  2. this is such a sweet card!!! (^__^)


  3. super cute!
    the purest and most imaginative creations of arts in this massive world are from children's works!
    their arts are always full of happy, joyful and eager emotion with their curious eyes towards the complicated world...