You Did It

Want to see me in a chicken suit?Well, you guys did it! We reached 300 friends (or likes) on CHICKS RUN WILD's Facebook page and now I will dress up in a chicken suit and prance around downtown Portland (and other locations in the city) for all to gawk and ponder at in the very near future. (I've been very busy lately and haven't had the time or energy to do anything chicken suit-related.) I'm actually looking forward to doing this stunt. Very curious to see the reactions I'll get when I walk around town. Pretty sure some witnesses won't even break stride.

To offer some sort of prize for everyone who participated, here are some scans of the very first sketches I did for the book. I already had the ball-like look of the little chicks in mind when I first started drawing some ideas in my sketchbook oh, so long ago. (These drawings are dated August 30th, 2009 - I've been done with all the artwork for CHICKS since February of last year!) Enjoy:

Early Chicks

Early Chicks (and Mother Hen)

Early Chicks (more Mother Hen)

To keep up to date with anything happening with the book, including listings of any appearances or readings that both the author, Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen, and I will be doing for CHICKS, as well as sketches, drawings, artwork, reviews, etc., be sure to like us on the CHICKS RUN WILD Facebook page! If any kids get inspired to draw their own wild runnin' chicks, we'll post them there as well. Should be a lot of fun.

CHICKS RUN WILD will be released on January 25th - in FIVE DAYS. Can't wait!


  1. wow, i really dig the mother hen sketches! theyre great! congratulations!

  2. Congratulations on your second book. Is it out now/ I'd like to get it for my three year old son. Have fun in the chicken suit. If it's still cold out side make sure ya wear your long johns. I work out doors for a living and it gets pretty darn cold.