Happy New Year & Happy Chicken Suit

Happy 2011! I know it's two weeks into it, but better late than never, right? Well, what better way to start off the new year than to post a pic of me in a chicken suit?

Want to see me in a chicken suit?

Nothing like good ol' fashioned shameless self-promotion to get the ball rolling for 2011. Yes! My newest children's book, CHICKS RUN WILD will be released later on this month, on January 25th. If we get 300 friends (or "likes", however you want to say it) for CHICKS on Facebook, then I'll wear a chicken suit out in public. Seriously. I'll get my wife, Andrea, to take photographic evidence (both photos and video) for those doubting Thomas's out there, and will post it all here and on the CHICKS Facebook page for everyone to gawk at. I mean, c'mon! Who wouldn't want to see your favorite neighborhood illustrator don a big suit of feathers and make a big fool of himself? Out in public? I thought so.

We've been stalled at around 232. Go tell your friends!

Go here: Chicks Run Wild on Facebook.

If you'd like to take a look at what's inside the book, you can check out the CHICKS pages on my website HERE.


  1. Rudi Bass, whom you and I have corresponded about would have enjoyed your "Happy Chicken Suit" (as I do) if he could have seen it.

    He died very peacefully on Jan. 6th, at the age of 96, while still engaged in artistic projects. Having completed a commission for a children's book that was published last fall, 2010, he engulfed himself in a project of creating a new alphabet for a cell phone font enabling an easier and speedier way for texting.

    It was an incredible life full of never ending creativity, with much of it very whimsical -- a way I believe most artists, and many others, would like to go!

    There are some new additions to his wiki page if interested.

  2. Doc, thank you very much for updating us on Rudi Bass. What an incredible life! If I can do at least half the things he did in his lifetime I'd be a happy artist. Wow. What an inspiration! I do hope to find more on his life and career, if possible. Would you be up for an interview, perhaps?

    Thanks again!

  3. Go Ward-o-matic! I've just finished catching up on your blog via the archives and want to say Thank You for all the fabulous posts. Your devotion to animation, illustration, and art in general is inspiring.

    I'm an anti-Facebook sort of person so I can't help you out with the chicken votes. But I will be checking back in for the results of your public "flocking." Good luck!

  4. Thank you in turn, and yes, an interview with you would be welcome -- I understand how dedicated you are to your art as well as to life, which are so intertwined. Rudi did have an "incredible life" as you put it! Please contact me at my email address, and we can arrange a time.

  5. Hi Doc, thanks for the quick reply - I checked my email account and didn't see any address listed for you. I thought we corresponded, but I guess not. Instead of listing it here, you can send an email to me at wardomatic [at] comcast [dot] net. I'm quite busy at the moment, but will have a chance to get some questions your way sometime next month. Hope that sounds okay with you! Thanks again!