The Day of the Dead Show

It was a good night
Andrea took this one.

Hi, folks. Got some photos to share for ya. I would've posted them sooner but this past week was a little wonky for me. Got sick on Monday and still going through some of the yuckiness as I type this out. No fun. But last week's trip to Astoria to check out the Icons: The Day of the Dead group show opening was definitely fun! This time, Andrea went with me and the kids -- we didn't have as much time to hang out as I did with the kids the previous weekend when I dropped off the painting, but that's okay. It was just enough time to do some exploring around the small town and especially to check out the show itself.

The Gallery

We didn't get an early start, so by the time we got into Astoria, it was about 5:15pm -- basically dusk, thanks to the shorter days and the recent changing of the clocks. There was a great deal of activity on Commercial Ave., where Lunar Boy Gallery was located. Found out that there was an art walk happening, with various galleries in the downtown Astoria area open later in the evening. I thought it was cool that the people at Lunar Boy worked it out that the Icons show would open on the same night. It brought some extra foot traffic into the gallery.

We checked out the entire show, chatted with a few people (not many, though), but then headed out quickly with the kids to go eat.

Front wall


After an hour and a half, we came back to the gallery and saw that it was more busy than before. Lots more people, and this time, some people that I recognized from LAIKA.

My untitled piece and its neighbors
My piece with its neighbors. That's Tony Merrithew's piece on the right, with the skeleton holding the woman's face mask.

Even more skulls
Ben Burch did the two paintings on the left there.

Hello i'm dead
I like these ceramic skulls. They were painted by several artists.

Back wall
Dick Daniels did the painting with the white background on wood. When I drove up to Astoria the previous weekend to drop off my painting, the gallery owner had just received in the mail those dolls over on the right there. I was very curious to see just how she was going to present them in the show.

Two Bens and a Lady
I didn't know who that woman was with Ben Burch and Ben Adams, the two Bens who organized the show, but then found out that it was Ben Adams' mom. She created those ceramic skulls you see behind them. (She painted the colored ones, too!)

Rock N' Roll
Me and the 2 Bens. We weren't trying to look like gangstas, it just came out like that. Ben A's got the power guitar stance going on.

Andrea took this one.

Lunar Boy Gallery
That's the back of Andrea's head there, buying something at the cash register.

So, yes, the opening was a blast -- the kids had a great time, nothing was broken, no one got hurt or sick -- a success for us! OH, and this gave us the perfect opportunity for us to take our brand new Nikon D40 out for its first stroll. Whee! To see more photos from our evening, check out the entire set HERE.

Art Opening Tonight

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Looking forward to doing some more painting, now. We'll see.


  1. Congrats on the show! That's really great. Looks like there were lots of fun, quirky pieces on display. other than your piece, I especially love the skulls! Nothing like a decorated skull to ignite those special holiday feelings in my heart.

  2. Awesome, awesome. That's so cool for you, congratulations on a good show.

    Killer pics. That D40 makes for some really vibrant, sharp images. Looks like it was in low light, too, so that's a bonus. Although I'm sure the photographer has something to do with it, too. ;)

    Great post, congrats again.

  3. So exciting! Congrats to you!