A breast from my past

I drew this in high school

Okay, that's a lame title there. Sorry. Well, my past has come to haunt me. My old pal from high school, Brad, sent me an email with two scanned images of drawings that I did from back in the day. 1985, to be exact. Funny that I would draw Madonna, since we were so into that new thing called rap, as well as classic rock (although it wasn't called "classic" at the time, just "rock"), Zeppelin, Floyd, The Stones, Billy Idol, U2, etc.

Ah, but I think Madonna's cleavage did us in. Darn you, Boy Toy! With your sleazy outfits, exposed midriff, bangles and bracelets, and permed side-swiped hair!

A note about the drawing: I don't remember drawing this, but one thing I was adamant about back then: I didn't trace. I did this while looking at the album cover. I never traced -- tracing was taboo to me, a big "no-no". I considered it "cheating." Little did I know that it would take me being a professional animator to actually use tracing as a helpful tool. (And I'm okay with that.)


  1. Thanks for sharing those bress'ess from your past.

  2. I missed this when you first posted it. It definitely fits with the theme that I found in the yearbook!