Portland Links

Ugh. Just look at how old my links are there. I still have my Atlanta linkage up, plus, some of the other links are old and broken. Time for an overhaul, don't you say? I've been compiling some local links of fellow LAIKA-ians and other artists, animators and illustrators in the Portland area -- in fact, I'm thinking about making a Northwest section as well. I know that I'm only scratching the surface, so I need your help. If you happen to be from Portland and/or know anyone from here who is an artist and/or animator, please let me know. I'll put the link up as part of my brand spankin' new blogroll and linky links. Just email me or put in the comments section for this post. Make sure you let me know where the subject is from, whether from Portland or the general Northwest area. Thanks!


  1. Hey now, don't get rid of all your Atlanta connections! ;>

  2. Don't worry -- I'm still keepin' em!