Ava Thursday: Barbie's Museum

Ava Thursday: Barbie's Museum
Ava's not the biggest fan of Barbie -- she moves from one interest to the next with the faintest of breezes -- but she does have several Barbie branded items. One of these is this large coloring and activity book. In it, Barbie goes to the art museum and here, you'll see, they ask for the child to draw what Barbie sees at the museum.

Ava drew an interesting Egyptian themed painting on the wall, and an equally interesting "modern" sculpture over to the left.

Let's take a closer look at the painting, shall we?

Ava Thursday: Close up of Mummy Painting
Dig the "Walk Like An Egyptian" poses there. Also dig the details on the sarcophagus. (Yes, I said 'sarcophagus'.)

Ava Thursday: Close up of sculpture
A closer look at Ava's 'modern' sculpture over on the left of the page.

Close up of sculpture critter

Getting even closer, we see some sort of creature (?) projecting up on the wall "Never Ever Again." Okay. I'll just leave it at that.

Close up of sculpture eye
Is it a spiderweb? A lens of some sort? I dunno, but I like it. It says: "The Light Begins."

I like how my daughter's mind works when it comes to her version of what a museum is about -- a little bit of history with the Egyptian elements, and a little bit of art with the abstract sculpture. About the other items on the sculpture -- What could they be? Video projection? Talk balloons? Maybe, maybe not. I'm at a loss with that one.

But if there's anything that I've gleaned from looking at Ava's drawings and artwork throughout the years is that it's best not to ask. Just let the art speak for itself.


  1. That is an interesting drawing. I wonder what it does mean? "Never Ever Again"... so mysterious.

  2. I think it's totally awesome how you showcase and analyze your daughter's (I think it's your daughter?) work.

    I of course hope that you do get her permission in writing? ;)

  3. Wow, these are cool. Love the modern sculpture, and especially the words that go along with it. I like to incorporate text into my work, but usually don't want it to be anything too literal....next time I need some help thinking up vague yet evocative phrases, I'll give Ava a ring!

    Hope all is well in Portland!

  4. I love the sculpture!! amazing!!!

  5. I don't know nothing about nothing...but, dang...I think your kid is brilliant. BRILLIANT. I have a feeling that she will keep us thinking about things and inspiring us for a looooong time to come! I just love the humor in the Egyptian themed painting and the whimsy of the sculpture. She's a natural with shape and expression.

  6. nice drawings .. and great blog

    doesnt look like a 'lens' tho ..looks more like an eye ? i for one like drawings eyes that way atleast