if i cussed i would be doing that right now

Our computer is on the fritz. We knew that this day would come. It's a sputtering Powerbook G4 that's seen better days. Oh well. I'm in the process of retrieving our Mail folders, which seems to be one positive. And we had just backed up all our photos the other day. So we got that going for us. But it's not looking good in the long run for that little computer. Right now, Andrea's headed over to the Mac store to see what we can afford, if anything at all. Jeez. I hate this.

Just bear with us.


  1. I'm sorry! I feel you. I had a black Powerbook G4 that died last year. It was very sad. I'd it for many years though. It didn't give me any problems at all and then suddenly it quickly started to decline and I found out the motherboard was going...
    I hope you find something good at the Apple store-maybe a great monthly payment plan that will allow you to get something great.
    I love apples.

  2. We still have the old mac from Click at home (Helen's "high-tech" workstation...ya want that?