Photobooth Friday hits the presses!

Let me tell ya: It was a big, big shock to see my entire family on the front of The Oregonian, Portland's main newspaper, the morning of July 17th. We were told that it would be in the living section of the paper, and I, knowing how the paper works sometimes, had already checked out the article online -- at 2am earlier that morning. But there were no photos shown and really, the article reads very weird when there are no pics to go with the words.

So there I was at 8am in our local Safeway, gawking at the front cover of the paper -- the entire Jenkins household posing in glorious photobooth black & white. It was surreal. I couldn't believe it. We had no idea that we'd make the cover. I stood there with an open mouth, mouthing the words "oh my gosh" and realizing that my wife will FLIP. In a good way, of course. I bought 5 copies and zipped back home to show the mastermind of Photobooth Friday our sudden media exposure.

Yes, it's all because of Andrea's fantastic concept of bringing together two favorite things of hers: photobooths and Fridays. Two great tastes, taste great together. Each Friday, she posts a photobooth strip (or a single frame) from her collection and either tells the story behind it, creates an interesting backstory, or just lets the photo speak for itself. She then lists links of other photobooth revolutionaries who've joined in on the fun. She's been doing this since January of 2006 and she hasn't stopped. Not sure exactly how the article got started, but it's certainly been a nice diversion in this house. Our neighbors all got a big kick out of it.

What a great introduction to this new town of ours, huh? I lived in Atlanta for my entire life and what? Nothing. But we're here for a mere four months and suddenly we're on the cover of the paper? Crazy, I know.

Read Andrea's take on all this HERE.

If you want to partake in Photobooth Friday, it's not hard. Just post your photobooth strip on your blog or your Flickr and send Andrea either a) an email with your post url, or b) post a comment on her blog, letting her know. She'll then hook you up on her weekly post. Sweet.

She's started up a Photobooth Friday Flickr group, too. Join in on all the fun!


  1. that's soooo cool to see you all on the cover of the paper! i am your family fan! (ava's artwork too)

    coincidentally, i just wrote "2 great tastes, that taste great together" as a comment on eye of the goof's post about blogging for pcl linkdump(we have esp)

    i'd do the friday photobooth, but i am shy/scared about photos online, + coincidentally i'm going to be in our local paper tomorrow (i gave them my name misspelled so no one can google me). i won a contest, so i had to let them take my picture :)

  2. Looks like a police lineup to me! Seriously, would this have happened at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution? You're a rock star!

  3. How COOL to be new to town and already end up on the front page of the paper! Maybe you guys tapped into something they were taking for granted: their old photobooths?

  4. I'm you're number one...

    oh, that's too creepy. But I am a big photobooth friday fan and love the concept. Congrats to both of you on the press! Sweet.

    Blurker #3,235,000

  5. Crazy! What an awesome keepsake for yer family.

  6. The Jenkinses are just taking Portland by storm! Congrats on the front page treatment!

  7. That's some cool news. I was pretty hyped when a photo I shot made the Associated Press and went around the world, but to have ones of you entire family on the front page, now that's special!

    Portland seems suited to you guys.