What? Ho!

Hey, lookit that! A new post! And boy, is it ever so strange to look over at my profile and see my new location. Strange now, but old hat not too far down the road.

I'm back now, and we're up and running with internet at home finally, although still having some problems with the wireless router -- any help? I could use it. I have Netgear and haven't been able to get my computer to play nice with it....

Andrea's finally got some gorgeous photos uploaded on her Flickr from our trip, although it's just a few -- part of her excellent 365 project. Expect more between the two of us soon. Just give us a wee bit more time. Still living out of boxes, boxes, boxes. Oh, and more boxes.

Here's a shot by Andrea, somewhere in Idaho. Graff headz reprezentin' out West:

Portland has probably the best indie bookstore EVER: Powell's. Me likeies. Here's me with Ezra:

When we got closer to Portland, we skipped on over to check out beautiful Multnomah Falls. Andrea took this amazing photo of Ava:

Hello, cutie pie!

Okay, that's all for now. I'll get back to ya soon enough.


  1. Powell's has a great little section of graffiti books... and the shelf where they live is completely bombed with stickers and marker tags! :-)

  2. That's the first thing you say to me once I'm here at Portland? Why I oughta....

    Seriously, i'll look for your stoopid box of Quisp soon enough!

    And thanks, cassidy, for the info on the graff section at Powell's. I hadn't had the chance to check it out when I was there recently.

    Quisp? Sheesh!

  3. Hi there! Stumbled across your blog today...good stuff.

    There is an amazing guy & author living also living in Portland. His name is Donald Miller.

    Anyway, I bring it up because 1) He loves Powell's so much he's written about it in one of his books, and 2) after looking at all your photos from traveling x-country to Portland, I was reminded of him because he did the same thing (and also detailed it in a great book called Through Painted Deserts)...anyway, he started out in his hometown of Houston, TX, jumped in an old VW van with a buddy, and traveled all over the country, finally making it to Portland, OR...a place he fell in love with and decided to stay permanently.

    Anyway, random info for you, but thought I would pass it along. ;o)

  4. Try this site:


  5. Just found your blog recently, Ward, had to say welcome to Portland!

    You picked a good time for a move, too. Spring and summer here are beautiful.

  6. Hi Ward! Andrea's friend Beth here...we went to that waterfall when we were in Portland last year..it's so awesome, huh? Anyway just wanted to say hello and let you know that I'm thinking of you in this time of transition and wishing you best of luck at the new j.o.b.
    P.S. Tell Andrea hi from me!

  7. Ward,

    Glad you all are beginning to get settled in Portland. I know it will be the continuation of many new adventures for you all in life and in careers.

    Things continue to go well in Banff and I should know more shortly about a longer-term contract. Hopefully April will be able to join me up here, or at least make a visit or two.

    Congratulations and hopefully we can hook-up sometime this year.


  8. Hi Ward and welcome to Portland!
    My name's Gary and I believe that my wife cut your hair today :) Anyway, I'm writing you here because I don't know how else to contact you (I'm not all that familiar with the blogger layout...) I saw that you are/were part of the ASIFA Atlanta chapter, if you want to get involved with the Portland chapter you should email me at soilone2000@yahoo.com and I'll send you the contact info and everything. We should also talk music, I love groups like Mars Ill, Tribe called Quest...
    Anyway, welcome again and I hope to hear from you some time


  9. what an adventure!
    are you portlandians?