Knick knacks

Primal Screen business card
We got new Primal cards several months ago. They're made of strong paper surrounded by some kind of plastic-like stuff that could probably withstand the worst of elements. That's always good to know in case I ever need to hand some cards out to hikers on top of Mt. Everest or something. My pal Vegas here at work (he's a 3D animator) decided to test the durability of our new cards by placing one in a glass of water to see how long it would last before it started to warp. The verdict? Over 24 hours.

I found this cool item in an antique market about a year or two ago: The Pancaker. Not the best of names for a kitchen utensil, but man, what a nice dose of mid-century modern design the box packaging provides:


The item was still inside the box, which is always a plus. Not as cool looking as the packaging suggests, but still pretty neat:
The Pancaker itself

Look, I tried to pose like the design-y hand on the cover:
Pancaker in action

It's not as easy as it seems.

I came to work one day and found my one and only Dunny designed by my very talented pal Ingri posed like so:
all King Kong-like

On top of the world

At first glance I thought, "who's been messing with my stuff on my desk?" Then it dawned on me: Ava. She had been hanging out in my office the previous day.

I've kept him hanging on like that ever since.


  1. What is so funny about that is when Ava comes over to Nani and Coops' house, she does the same thing. She'll pose something in an obscure place and not tell anyone about it. I may find it days later or even weeks, and I'll just laugh out loud or smile - knowing it was my creative quirky little granddaughter!! I love it. Once she placed this bean-bag little golfer in Coops' lamp by his chair - the lamp has an owl on it and a perfect perch for the golfer. We didn't see it for days! But when I saw it, I just hollered!

  2. Amazing. I love it. Thank you letting us glimpse into Ava's imaginary world.

  3. kewl new card!

    Oh, I love me some Ingri! I need to call that girl and see what she's up to...

  4. First off, it's been awhile and second, lovin the new card sir...Classy of the upmost respect.
    Really why I'm posting is because I was wondering if you'd ever heard of this "Random" thing that's going with Fredaraptor and Nickelodeon. I'm usually really late with things THIS awesome but just in case I mention it folks.
    It's also something that apparently the ASIFA in hollywood had something to do with...which is why I mention it to you (You're still a member, right?)
    Anyway, it's worth checking out and if need convincing then just take a look for "Adventure Time".
    Words can't describe it, and if you've seen it then you know what I mean.

  5. time for a primal screen graphic like the pancaker box!

  6. MAN I have that Pancaker thing, just not the very cool box!!!!!

    I think I have TWO of them!

  7. That business card is super cool, Ward! What company printed them, if you don't mind my asking?

  8. One of my early television memories that somehow managed to stay in my head became one of my inspirations for the business card design. The Land of the Lost tv show had these crystal keyboards that were controls for communicating or seeing events in other places. It was sort of a primative computer video display. Those sleestack had some mad skills! Too bad they couldn't shoot a bow and arrow to save their lives.

  9. I'm a proud owner of a pancaker and box just like the one you have here! The box is something out of the new Laura Ljungkvist book:


  10. that's not a Dunny but a Qee...though it hardly matters...