1982: Sub-Freshman

You're in for a treat this week (depending on how you look at it). In honor of my 20th high school reunion coming up this Saturday, the 3rd, I'll be posting my yearbook photo for each year of my high school run -- from 1982 to 1986. And as an added bonus, I'll list some of the trendy things that were happenin' for each of these years as well as current events that were worth the mention in my high school yearbook. You know it'll be a howl. I'll also post any other photos of yours truly that happened to make it in any of the school annuals. Fun!

1982: Sub-Freshman
1982: Sub-Freshman

First year was rough since I was the dorkiest thing to grace the grand hallways of my high school. Notice that I am wearing a running shirt. I was not aware that it was Photo Day that day, so the theme for me that year was "come as you are." Oops! Musically, I was not really into anything, except your typical Top 40 pop of the time. I would often get a ride to school from my cousin Rocky, who was a senior at the time. Being a full-on tech guy, he convinced me to join the Computer Club. Oh yes, I did. It didn't last, though. Too many numbers -- what's up with that? Rubik's Cube was big that year. I was able to solve it at least 4 times. During class, no less. In true dork fashion, I wore Wrangler jeans and got chided for it.

Here are typical quotes from classmates who signed my yearbook that year:

"It's been good knowing you and I hope to see you next year." (from a guy)
"You are a really sweet guy and a good friend." (from a girl)

The following were listed as "Entertainment" for the year in the back of my 1982 Yearbook:

General Hospital
Hill Street Blues
Greatest American Hero
Magnum PI
Richard Simmons
The Smurfs
Mandrell sisters
Endless Love
Diana Ross
Stevie Nicks
Go Go's
REO Speedwagon
Rolling Stones
Juice Newton
Christopher Cross
Morning Train
Raiders of the Lost Ark
On Golden Pond
Meryl Streep
Lena Horne
Rodney Dangerfield
Gorky Park
Dungeons and Dragons
Pac Man
Rubik's Cube
Chariots of Fire

The big current event of the year was the President Reagan assassination attempt. Other biggies: Pope John Paul II's assassination attempt and the murder of Anwar Sadat. Also mentioned: the wedding of Charles & Diana as well as the very first shuttle flight: Columbia. The big news locally was the trial for the Atlanta missing and murdered children suspect, Wayne B. Williams. I remember when they started the TV campaign to enforce the curfew during the midst of the ordeal: "It's 9 'o clock, do you know where your child is?" It was creepy.


  1. This is great, Ward!
    You sure or nice and brave to share this stuff with us... me, I burned all my evidence... I mean yearbooks a few years back.

  2. I too went to high school from '82-'86.. what a coinkadink..
    I fortunatly did not have an annual yearbook but only one for when we graduated. Which was bad enough as it was.
    Anyway thanks for posting since most of those "entertainemnt listings" I remember fondly.. except for General Hospital- that was a real girl thing back then.

  3. No phrase better sums up my luck with high school girls better than "You are a really sweet guy and a good friend." For this is the sentence which both classifies and dooms even the manliest of men; transforming a lusting, yearning lumpf of testosterone into a tender, attentive and non-threatening galpal, one who has no hope whatsoever of gettin' it on. Whew! Thank God for our wives!

  4. Wow, that was a LONG time ago! Ward was the little brother I never had - and it was very kewl to have him in school with me. Sorry about dragging you to computer club, though, Ward! ;)

    Oh, and thank you very much for NOT publishing pics of me - a look I would love to forget...

    --Rock (the Cousin)

  5. Understood, Rock -- I couldn't do that to you! (I did entertain the thought of scanning in the Computer Club photo, but stopped short.)

    And Robert, I was a true victim of the "galpal" curse -- I was such a "sweet guy" to far too many cute girls throughout my high school years. Darn it all!