Ava Thursday: I'm Learning To Fly

I wish that we can fly. Wouldn't that be something? To experience the feeling of the wind whipping across your face with nothing underneath you -- just you, the clouds and the sky, completely weightless. Birds have it pretty good, don't they? We mere humans will never truly experience this phenomenom without some assistance, I guess. Ava has on many occasions wished out loud to be able to fly. She wants to fly so badly that I've found her jumping up and down with eyes closed, grunting and grimacing like there's something wrong. "What's the matter, Ava?" I would then ask her. "I want to FLY!" Ava says this with such a determination and longing and a genuine belief that this act can actually be possible.

And that is why I love this little story that Ava drew in my Moleskine back in January. There is so much to this series of three drawings, so much heart and depth and personal yearning that it almost hurts for me to see them. To know just how much Ava wants to fly -- and then to see her draw this and tell me about it -- it's almost too much for me.

The story is called "I'm Learning To Fly." It is a story of a bird who can't fly but is dreaming that she can when she sees a flock of birds flying overhead.

Here, our little bird has decided to open up her wings to try and take flight...

...and then she flies!

Ava has yet to fly in a plane, but I'm thinking that when that moment comes, she'll be so exhilarated she won't know what to do with herself. I would do anything to witness that moment.

This post has been featured on the always interesting Moleskinerie blog! Thanks, Armand. Ava will be so happy.


  1. That's so cute!...and she's drawing sequentially now...cool.

    Say, Ward, I wanna see more of your drawings too! I need my dose of your wacky mind!

  2. those are the best birds - and is that a heart on the birds beak? this is a sweet story.

    and i'm down with justin!

  3. sweet sweet sweet... It's amazingt to see her imagination bloom and blossom! What a great tribute to Ava!

  4. Ahhh, but to have the imagination of a child again...

  5. I could comment every week and say so many different things, but because I'm the mom... I guess I hold back.

    but really? this week is one of my favorites. this one does something to me.

  6. You are so lucky to have that mini inspiration running around your house...what I'd give to have that kind of free spirited,uncluttered, anything is possible kind of mind. I would just make sure she doesn't have access to your rooftop! :)

  7. Ward! Have Ava swing by my blog and draw up a Fat Albert pic for my "HEY!HEY!HEY! THROWBACK THURSDAYS DRAWING CONTEST" I have a super cool prize for junior artists. Check it out!

  8. this is toooo cute. i made my boyfriend come over to look at these drawings. thank you!

  9. thank you for these drawings! it make me remember my chilhood so much...! wen I was a girl i want to fly too. I guess we all were Ava in some moment...