The b-boy show through the eyes of my kids

Ava put Mommy's boots on

It was late. All the people were gone. The dancers had left the building, and the only ones hanging around the Grassy Knoll after the opening were me, Andrea, the gallery owners: Robert & Renee, and the kids. The kids. Boy, let me tell ya: Ava & Ezra were real troopers throughout the entire evening -- I was so impressed by how well they behaved by the end of it, I almost thought that they had been replaced by someone else's older kids. I could tell they enjoyed the evening. But by this time, it was well past 9:30pm and they were getting bored, waiting for us older folks to shut our traps and get us on home.

So, to pass time, Ava grabbed my camera and took some photos.

Ava's shoes
I love this shot.

A wall with my name on it.


Close up

A painting

Ezra then grabbed the camera and took some shots himself:

How my painting looks to Ezra
Apparently, Ezra's a short little guy.

Ava on the wheels of steel
Ava on the wheels of steel.

Looking up

Ezra finds a leaf on the floor
Ezra finds a leaf on the floor.


  1. Great show, Ward! I love your stuff. Congratulations, and good luck with your progress!

  2. great to see pics from the show! Love it! Also cool to see it throught the eyes of the youngsers!

  3. those kid got talent. just like their mom and pop.

  4. this is great! they took some excellent shots- high fives ava + ezra!

    henry's been mentioning lately that he'd like his own camera. i will show him this post of yours + see what he thinks.

    i've got a couple older digitals around, perhaps i should hand one over!