b-boy: an art show

b-boy show

You thought that Ottawa was it for now. Not so. And you thought that I'd be doing a big Ottawa wrap-up, right? Well, all in due time, my friends. First things first and this is it for me right now:

The grassy knoll gallery presents:

b-boy — Ward Jenkins

Exhibition Dates // October - November, 2008

Artist Reception // Thursday, October 2nd, 2008
6-9 PM, free, open to the public

Breakdancing Performance // 7-9 PM featuring:
Randm-1, Impulse, and Skywalker of Portland’s
Moon Patrol Crew and guest DJ Computer Fam

Grassy Knoll Gallery //
123 NW 2nd Avenue, 2nd floor
Portland, OR 97209

Contact // Renee Marcotte

Artist statement //

"b-boy" is a tribute to the early boogie boys of the Bronx, the original poppin’ & lockin’ dancers who kept the parties live back in the day, back when hip-hop was in its golden, embryonic stage. Using various ‘lo-fi’ materials and surfaces, such as found cardboard, wood, and linoleum, Ward harks back to the essence of the early ingenuity and innovation of hip hop. During the 70’s and early 80’s, kids used a wide variety of surfaces to dance on and perform stylized acrobatic moves. Using what was available, they proved again and again that the brightest sources of creativity often come from the most humble of places. “b-boy”is a tribute to the beginnings of that movement, before the uninformed media brought it to near-fad status.

All you Portland and/or NW peeps: hope you can make it! It'll be fun to finally meet you all. Don't forget, it's next Thursday!


  1. so awesome! Am a fan of both your work and your blog! I hope you post pics of some of the pieces in this show. word to your mutha...
    (oh wait.. that was the early 90's wasn't it?)

  2. Hey Ward I'm actually in town that night for a college fair around the same time, so I'll try to drop by!

    See ya!

  3. Congratulations on the show!

    Hmmm...might have to check and/or clear my schedule. Will keep you posted. :)

  4. awww man, wish we lived near portland :)

  5. Sweet. Moving to Portland is starting to pay off.

  6. Damn this 2500 mile divide!! I so wish i could be at the opening. So glad you went ahead with it all and hope you are all doing famously. Aimee

  7. Ill Be there ! Im looking forward to meeting you Ward :)

  8. I wish i was in Portland for this awesome event, i've been breakdancing for a looooong time in Atlanta, and i just wounder what the b-boy scene is like in portland.

  9. Trade ya a Jawa postcard for one of those show postcards.