This is how my life feels right now: full-on crazy, head spinning, multi-tasking frenetic energy and all on wheels. At least it feels like it's on wheels. Just switch out this domestic goddess's ear-to-ear smile with a look of fear and then you'll get a perfect example of how I feel right now. See, on top of all the sorting, filing, organizing, packing, moving, searching for a new home thousands of miles away, etc., we've had to find and buy a new car before the Big Move because our current one might loose its engine block halfway across the country, and.... I had to have a molar extracted today making me feel oh-so wonderful right this very minute. Gotta love perfect timing.

In the meantime, here's some neato scans of ads and illustrations found in that December 1954 issue of Better Homes & Gardens I posted about earlier. I've got priorities, people.

Not part, but whole
Nice illustration above. Yay for Daddies bringing home the....uh, oranges?

Neophyte Newt
Nice, simple clean lines here. Nice nice nice. Love the characters, too. Best viewed larger.

Classic housewife loving her appliance with a freakish-like glee. View larger, if you dare.

The following spot illustrations were for an article on winter driving. The artist signed it: "Pearson." They are very well executed with some nice stylization for the clouds and use of the blue spot color here and there. Definitely view them larger if you get the chance. Great stuff:

Winter Driving 1
View larger.

Winter Driving 2
View larger.

Winter Driving 3
View larger.

Winter Driving 4

Okay! Whee! There ya go! Excuse me while I dive back into my enormous pile of old notebooks, saved magazine clippings, and forgotten sketches.


  1. Wow! Where do you get all those cool vintage pics!

  2. Awesome, awesome, and more awesome. I sure hope your "Midge" character makes a comeback. Those Pearson illustrations are gorgeous.