Blowin' Smoke

Tonight ASIFA-Atlanta is hosting the first ever Blowin' Smoke, an evening of local animation studios showcasing their latest work. Basically an offshoot of the ever-popular Roll Yer Own screening, Blowin' Smoke was born out of necessity. After experiencing the longer-than-neccessary duration times of previous RYO endeavors, the figureheads of ASIFA-Atlanta banded together and decided that RYO should be split up into two different screenings: 1) Roll Yer Own for independent & student work; and 2) Blowin' Smoke for professional studio work.

We're promoting tonight's Blowin' Smoke screening as a mixer of sorts, where students from SCAD-Atlanta, Westwood, etc. can come and rub elbows with true bonafide animation pros who are doing stuff that's being shown on TV. Bring business cards! Network! It's going to be a relaxed atmosphere with actual tables this time. Word of advice: approach professional animators with care. They can be a skittish bunch, I'm afraid.

The details:

ASIFA-Atlanta presents:
7:30PM at The Five Spot

1123 Euclid Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30307
(404) 223-1100

FREE and for ALL AGES!

Just to reiterate: The Five Spot is a restaurant, so there's no age limit. All students are welcome! Come and check out what Atlanta animation studios have to offer!

Please check out ASIFA-Atlanta's site for more details about our organization. Hope to see you there.


  1. Why you gotta tell folks about these things at the LAST possible moment Ward? Oooo...so angry.
    Anyway, maybe I'll catch yah there. If not, you know why...cause you're so late on the draw. hah
    Keep it awesome.

  2. Man, I'm sorry about that! It was one of those things where it took awhile to get the final on where and when we were going to have the screening. We did, however, mention it in the ASIFA-Atlanta emailing that went to all the members. Good excuse to sign up and be a member, huh?

    Hope to see you there!

  3. is Dave Strandquest going to be there?
    because i can't think of any single event as potentially damaging to a student's psyche than meeting Dave Strandquest. tomorrow morning SCAD's computers will crash from the avalanche of students asking to switch their major.

    maybe breath mints will soften the blow...

    (i kid, because i love)

  4. Yay!! I had a blast, great job as usual, Ward!! :D

  5. haha. Laughing at the Dave comment.