The Obligatory "I've been busy" Post

Yes, I've been busy lately. I'm currently working on two projects at work, with one I'm taking home each evening and working throughout the night (well, just a couple of hours) to make a deadline. Deadlines. Seems that my life is punctuated with deadlines. I've set up a reward system for myself as I work on these projects. When I finish a scene, I'm allowed to post something here. Sad that I have to do that, but if you knew me, you'd understand.

Once these projects clear, then I'll get the okay to post some stuff as I think that some of you all would enjoy checking them out. In fact, I do plan on posting about some past jobs that I've had the privilege of working on as we do tend to get a good amount of high quality projects come our way here at Primal Screen.

I've been noticing that I've had a good amount of new visitors here at The Ward-O-Matic, most notably from Robot Johnny, Cartoon Brew, and Jared's Crockpot of News and Thoughts. (And I noticed that I'm the "Blog of the Day" over at Citrusmoon in the "Blogliners" section. Very nice. Thank you!) I'm greatly honored to be mentioned by these fine folk on their wonderful sites, and my only hope is that you may find something of enough interest here at The Ward-O-Matic to want to come back for more. If you're curious as to who I am, check out this post. That should do the trick.

For the uninitiated, just check out my past posts over there in the right column, and take the time to browse through my wordy commentaries and ruminations. I tend to go overboard sometimes, so forgive me. But I hope it makes for good readin'!

Look for lots of new stuff very soon....


  1. No problem Ward. Can't wait to see your new stuff as well as stuff from your past projects!

  2. For all you newcomers out there; I want you all to know that Ward and I go way back, before all of the fame and attention. I knew him when he wore green suede candies and wore hair scrunchies!

  3. Ah, but klahd-- I borrowed those candies from you, my dear friend! Must give credit where credit is due....

  4. I was trying to help you out! You wore hair scrunchies for god's sake!

  5. By the way, thank you for the link, Ward! I'm honored :)


  6. Worky worky worky...

    All work and no play makes Ward a dull boy! Ha! Just kidding. Looking forward to seeing what comes next my man! Cheerio!

  7. Still working hard, my friends. I do plan on posting soon, but I need to get some info first before doing so.

    And, no problem, Jo. Only I should've done it sooner. And thanks for getting us back on track from that crazy scrunchie tangent.

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